To all researchers and authors, who are willing to publish their papers in Kerbala Journal for Engineering Science, please follow the instruction below as main requirements to accept your manuscript for publishing:

  • The researcher must format the manuscript according to our instructions that are announced on the journal website (, and it should be written clearly.
  • The researcher must submit the manuscript as a Microsoft Word document to the journal website.
  • The manuscript should not be published previously in any journal or conference, and the researcher must submit a plagiarism report certified by an official party and the similarity index is smaller than 20%.
  • After submission, the manuscript will be reviewed by reviewers.
  • The researcher is notified about the initial acceptance or rejection.
  • The researcher must revise the manuscript according to the reviewers’ recommendations and resubmit it back to the journal website.
  • Publishing fees must be paid (after accepting the manuscript) in the financial office at the college of engineering building, an electronic copy of the receipt should be submitted to the journal website to issue the final acceptance letter.
  • For inquiries about the manuscript status, please contact us at Please include your manuscript ID, first author name and the occupation (whether a professor or a graduate student). Regarding graduate student researches, please be advised that they should be submitted prior to the theses/ dissertation defense by a considerable amount of time, given that the time required to get the acceptance letter, ranges from 5 to 8 weeks.