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Manuscript submission

Terms of Publication



Authors should create an account on the Journal website ( before they can submit their manuscript. Use the following links to:

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Authors must submit their manuscripts in a single Word file format, to be used in the reviewing process. The journal undertakes only publishing novel articles that had not been published previously or are under reviewing process in other journals or debated in conferences.

Ethics in publishing should be considered (check the ethics criteria of the journal).

Manuscript submission

  1. Check the guidelines here for more information on submitting the manuscript on the website.
  2. The author should submit the manuscript in the format of .doc or .docs only, on the website, and a separate doc file for the coauthors including their names, affiliations, and emails.
  3. The coauthors' names must be entered in both Arabic and English on the site during the process of submitting the manuscript.
  4. The manuscript should be formatted according to the journal template which can be downloaded here.
  5. The author should pay the plagiarism fees of 15,000 Iraqi dinars and half the publication fees at the College of Engineering, and send an electronic copy of the receipts to the journal e-mail
  6. The accepted percentage of plagiarism should not exceed 20%. If the researcher is from another city, the fees can be paid by transfer through any exchange office.
  7. The publication fee depends on the author's position or the supervisor's position if the first author is a student and as follows: 50,000 dinars if he is an assistant teacher or teacher, 75,000 Iraqi dinars if he is an assistant professor, and 90000 Iraqi dinars if he is a professor.
  8. After the review process is completed, the author should edit the manuscript according to the recommendations of the reviewers and re-send the edited manuscript on the website. In addition to uploading a file includes the answers to the reviewer's questions and comments.  It is important to note that any corrections made by the author to his/her manuscript after reviewers' recommendations must be highlighted. The edited text is highlighted in yellow, the new text is highlighted in green and the deleted one is highlighted in red. This helps the reviewer in tracking the corrections. 
  9. After the edited manuscript is accepted, the author should pay the second half of the publication fees.
  10. Finally, the authors should sign and send an electronic copy of the copyrights form which can be found here.

Terms of publication

  1. The research must be new and has not previously been published or accepted for publication in another journal or conference.
  2. Manuscripts submitted for publication are subject to scientific evaluation, usually sent to three reviewers.
  3. The manuscript should include the following parts:
    • Title of the research,
    • Abstract in Arabic and English.
    • Keywords, introduction, research methodology and mathematical models, results and discussion, conclusions, and references.
    • References are indicated according to their appearance in the body of the manuscript using the IEEE pattern for writing references for example [1], indicates the reference that will be fully included in the list of references at the end of the manuscript, as the list of references in this style is organized numerically rather than alphabetically.