ISSN: 2709-6718

Keywords : Model Reference Fuzzy Control

Investigation Study for Model Reference Fuzzy Control Scheme of Synchronous Generator Coupled with Wind Turbine

Ahmed S. Al Tuma

Kerbala Journal for Engineering Science, In Press

Windmills require continuous observing and command to attain the required output power when the wind velocity has fluctuated. Command a nonlinear physical windmill needs an efficient regulator that calibrates the environment's fluctuations and initial conditions. As the fluctuations in wind speed are continuous, the conventional type of control will not be active for most cases of wind variations. An efficient control technique has been suggested to damp the impacts of non-linearity property. The current research provides modeling, numerical verification, and analysis of model reference fuzzy control scheme for direct drive wind turbine coupled with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator tied with the electrical network. The machine side control is designed to capture the most considerable energy to get better wind power production. The grid side control regulates the bus voltage that is transformed into regulated three-phase grid voltage and frequency. The main control objectives of Proportional Integral control and model reference fuzzy control have been simulated and then compared. Armature profiles are also verified for different cases of operation through simulation. This controller's behavior guarantees excellent dynamic performance with wind speed variation due to the control system's robustness.