ISSN: 2709-6718

Author : Huseein, Jabbar Salman

Design and Implementation of Artificial Upper Limbs Based on Arabic Speech Words

Jabbar Salman Huseein

Kerbala Journal for Engineering Science, In Press

The human-like robot denotes a hopeful in the clinical, Handicapped and mechanical prosthetics application. The finger’s control by verbally instruction is one of the significance of such applications. Here, we introduce the suggested structure of the hand controls circuit come from the voiced command. This structure depends on the controlling of electrical motors, for every finger by controller. From recognition process, an Arduino have gotten a coded sign (PWM) to give all motors signals by various' period to the servo motor to yield the necessary procedure which is matching to the verbally expressed words. Anywhere these codes are identified with statistical features, which are extorted from the verbally expressed signs. At that point, and by means of the Radial Basis Function (RBF) as a classifier, the recognition percentage are from 90% - 99.375% have been increased with independent talker, wherever these results are over-achieved the previous works, approximately with 2.045%. The simulation has been made by using Matlab 2017b.